Our visit to local schools involve introducing children to the alpacas, giving details about their origin and history, talking about their fleece and some of the products that are made from it. This is an innovative way of exploring the curriculum, while providing a memorable educational experience.

Our alpacas are of a sweet, gentle nature. They are inquisitive and children can get up close, feeding them by hand and stroking their fur. We also bring in a sample of their fleece and explain to the children how they are shorn each year. 

We will arrive at your school, ‘unpack’ the alpacas from our trailer, and then meet and greet the children and staff. This can be done inside or outside – dependent upon the weather and your needs. Our alpacas are halter trained so will be led around the premises by an alpaca handler. This lasts about an hour or so and gives plenty of time for interaction without causing any stress to our friendly furry friends. Alpacas are quite happy to be led into smaller classrooms, if needed. 

What we do ask is that there are no more than one class at time (approx. 20 children maximum to one alpaca) so that everyone can get a chance to stroke them.

We also do a fun quiz at the end of the session to see who has learned the most!

All our alpacas are ‘potty trained’ and have satisfied biosecurity measures. 

Please email for more information.

Risk assessments will be conducted prior to any visit.